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Goto Lake, Neighborhood Cultural Bus Tour

From USD 40

Start by following the scenic route along the north coast. After taking a short break at 1000 steps, head to Lake Goto. The lookout offers spectacular views of the lake and the rolling hills of Washington Slagbai National Park beyond. Flamingos are also common in the lake. The tour continues to Rincon, the only other town in Bonaire besides the capital Kralendijk. The tour ends with a stop at Ser Largue. Perched on a hill, this vantage point offers stunning views of the island.

From USD 40

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Drive along the Tourist Rfoad
Drive-by 1000 steps dive spot
Drive-by karpata Plantation
Drive By goto Lake
Stop at Chichi Tan Old Museum
Seru Largu Hill


  • Rincon 
  • Goto Lake
  • Seru Largu
  • Chichi Tan Old Museum